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New Line----FAQs
How Do I Care For My Technical Marble? 
Gloss and Suede Finish, The beauty of cultured marble/granite is the ease of cleaning and maintaining the new shiny look. To clean, just wipe with a soft cloth or sponge using a mild soap and water or non-abrasive foam cleaner. To maintain your marble/granite luster, periodically apply a protective coat of wax. We recommend GelGloss™. It is like a furniture polish that should be applied every few months, depending on use. Boat or car wax is also a good means of protection.
Matte Finish, Use a soft sponge or cloth along with a mild soap and water. If desired you may use a very mild abrasive cleaner for this type of finish. You may also put a protective coat of wax with GelGloss™ on this type of finish.
Will My Technical Marble Scratch? 
All bathroom fixtures, of any type material, will scratch if it is purposely abused. Normal care and cleaning of cultured marble/granite products will ensure years of enjoyment and use. Avoid placing sharp abrasive objects on the surface; they will scratch.
What Is Certified Marble or Granite? 
Many cultured marble/granite shops have their products tested regularly by a testing laboratory for compliance with ANSI specifications. This is an expensive test that is done to insure the product the marble/granite manufacturer is making will be a durable, high quality product that the customer can enjoy for many years. The marble/granite is tested for stain resistance, scratch resistance, impact strength, and susceptibility to hot and cold water. Whirlpool tubs are tested further for proper drainage and hair entrapment. A label will be attached to the product showing the product meets or exceeds all specifications.
Can I Install My Own Marble? 
Vanity tops can be installed by the homeowner. They are heavy and usually require two people. We have instructions available on how to do it. Whirlpool tubs and shower systems require more skill but yet some homeowners elect to do it. It is a cut-and-fit process that requires special tools and, although possible, it is recommended that skilled installers install our products.
Why Use Technical Marble Instead of Tile For Showers? 
Cultured marble/granite panels and shower pans are solid pieces with no grout lines to clean or keep sealed. The seams are sealed with a mildew resistant 100% silicone caulk that requires little in the way of maintenance. Also, building structures will shift with the change of temperatures, this may cause grout lines to crack and crumble. This problem is avoided with the use of cultured marble/granite.
What Is Crazing? 
Crazing is tiny hairline cracks around the drain that become progressively worse over time. Crazing is a problem that happened with cultured marble several years ago. Today, with the advancement of technologies in equipment and raw materials, crazing has virtually been eliminated. Also, the testing done by product testing labs ensures that the product has maximum resistance to crazing. With the technology changes and product testing, crazing should not be a problem for tens of years.
Will My Technical Marble Stain Easily? 
Technical marble is thoroughly tested to resist stains from ink, hair dye, shoe polish, iodine, crayons, bleach, drain cleaners, ammonia, hydrogen peroxide, and many other products commonly found in bathrooms.
When A Potential Staining Substance Is Spilled, What Do I Do? 
Gloss and Suede Finish, Simply rinse the area with soap and water and wipe the clean. 
Matte Finish, Rinse with soap and water and wipe area clean. If stain is still visible apply an abrasive cleaner (Ajax or Soft Scrub) and rub out or use a Scotch Pad with a light rubbing motion until the stain is removed.
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